BOOST (Building Opportunities in Out of School Time)

Right now, Greenville County students and their families are facing enormous challenges when it comes to achieving success throughout the middle and high school years. Those challenges are reflected in a sobering statistic for our community: Approximately one out of every four students in Greenville County will not graduate from high school.

Because opportunities for learning and academic support do not end when students leave the school building, after school programs play a crucial role for youth for success in high school and beyond. Although many programs exist throughout Greenville County, there is no baseline for quality, and many programs are disconnected and unavailable to the students who need them most.

That's why United Way of Greenville County is implementing BOOST  a strategic initiative aimed at improving the quality of after school programs and other out-of-school time experiences for our young students as they work towards high school graduation. 

BOOST is building a strong network of public and private out-of-school time providers, increasing all providers' capacity to deliver high-quality programs, and ensuring everyone in the community has access to these services.

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