OnTrack Greenville's Return On Investment

OnTrack ROI One-Sheet

The Issue In Brief

The students in OnTrack Greenville middle schools are at risk of not graduating high school. The goal of OnTrack is to improve high school graduation rates by helping kids well before they are at risk of dropping out.  

Right Student. Right Time. Right Intervention.

Using an innovative approach, called an early warning and response system, students are identified when challenges take them off track. In response, schools comprised of caring faculty, staff, and community agencies wrap customized supports around students and monitor improvements over time.

Long-Term Sustainability Goals

Building on the successes and lessons learned in the White Horse community, we can develop a proven intervention that can be expanded to other schools and benefit students throughout the county and beyond.

Return On Investment

The long-term return on investment in OnTrack Greenville is significant. Through increased earnings and reduced social costs over 16 years, the annualized Internal Rate of Return (IRR) on OnTrack investments is 17%.  Considering only United Way of Greenville County’s investment, (22% of OnTrack revenue), the IRR is even higher at 50%. Further, if 100% of sixth-grade students in OnTrack schools graduate on time, there will be a huge economic benefit to our community.


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