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Catching Up With the YPs

Happy spring from the Young Philanthropists of Greenville County!

I have the honor and privilege of leading the YP Council for 2017. For those who do not know, the YP Council is a group of volunteers chosen to lead the efforts and initiatives of Greenville County’s Young Philanthropists (United Way leadership donors aged 40 and under). In 2016, the YPs came together and raised more  $1.2 million for our community. In addition, our membership increased to over 950 generous individuals. That's a great accomplishment, but I am confident we can do even more this year.

More than a funder: United Way in our community

United Way of Greenville County’s mission is to promote the Cycle of Success in our community. This Cycle of Success starts with School Readiness and making sure that children from enter school prepared to learn and succeed so that they may go on to the next major milestone, High School Graduation. A high school diploma is an essential part of post-high school success and creating Financial Stability, where households are self-sufficient and able to weather financial troubles more easily.