Campaign Coordinator Toolkit

Thank you for volunteering to be your company's Campaign Coordinator! Your support this campaign season will help us raise millions of dollars to impact the people of Greenville County.

Plan and Promote Your Campaign

  • Campaign Coordinator Guide: 10 Steps to Running a Successful Campaign (Standard / Electronic)
  • Strategies to Increase Employee Giving and Participation (.doc)
  • Campaign Ideas Worth Repeating (.doc)
  • Five Steps to a Fun Workplace Campaign (.pdf)
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Your United Way (.pdf)
  • United Way Program Funding/Partner Agency List (.pdf)
  • Employee Pledge Form (.pdf)
  • CEO Sample Endorsement Letter to Employees (.doc)
  • What Your Weekly Contribution Can Provide (.pdf)
  • Greenville County Quick Facts (.pdf)
  • Employee Thank You Letter Samples (.doc)
  • Employee E-mails (.doc)
  • Campaign Brochure (English)
Campaign Promotion
  • Campaign Incentives Flyer (.pdf)
  • LIVE UNITED Appreciation Card (.pdf)
  • Promotional Items Available for Check-Out from United Way (hyperlink)
  • Order United Way promotional items for your campaign (United Way Store)

Plan Your Employee Meeting

  • How to Conduct a 30-Minute Campaign Meeting (.pdf)
  • PowerPoint Presentation for Campaign Meetings (.ppt)
  • Watch the Campaign Video (YouTube)

Plan Your Palmetto Society Campaign

  • How to Run a Palmetto Society Workplace Campaign (.doc)
  • Palmetto Society Fact Sheet (.doc)
  • Palmetto Society Sample Letters (.doc)
  • Palmetto Society FAQ (.doc)
  • Table 301 Palmetto Society Incentive Flyer (.pdf)
  • 2018 Michelin Match (.pdf)
  • Palmetto Society Pledge Card (.pdf)

Report Your Results to United Way

  • Electronic Workplace Campaign Envelope (.pdf)
  • Cash & Check Payment Form (.pdf)
  • Report Envelope (.pdf)
  • How to Complete a Report Envelope (.pdf)
  • Palmetto Society Report Form (.xls)
  • Special Event Envelope (.pdf)
  • Pledge Detail Spreadsheet Template (.xls)

Thank You Coupon Card

As a special thank you, employees who contribute $250 or more will receive a coupon card offering deals from several area businesses. To receive coupon cards for your employees, please complete the form below and e-mail it to United Way at

Thank You Coupon Card Report Form with instructions. Please list the names of employees who qualify for the Thank You Coupon cards. (.xls)

Agency/Program Tours & Speakers

  • List of Agencies/Programs Providing Speakers & Tours (.pdf)
  • Agency/Program Tour Request Form (hyperlink)
  • Agency/Program Speaker Request Form (hyperlink)
  • Agency/Program Speaker Request Form - FOR SCHOOL CAMPAIGNS ONLY (.pdf)