Campaign Coordinator Toolkit

Plan and Promote Your Campaign

  • Campaign Coordinator Guide: 10 Steps to Running a Successful Campaign (.pdf)
  • Strategies to Increase Employee Giving and Participation (.doc)
  • Campaign Ideas Worth Repeating (.doc)
  • Five Steps to a Fun Workplace Campaign (.pdf)
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Your United Way (.pdf)
  • United Way Program Funding/Partner Agency List (.pdf)
  • CEO Sample Endorsement Letter to Employees (.doc)
  • Success Stories-Meet People You've Helped (hyperlink)
  • What Your Weekly Contribution Can Provide (.pdf)
  • Greenville County Quick Facts (.pdf)
  • Employee Thank You Letter Samples (.doc)
  • Employee E-mails (.doc)
  • Campaign Brochure: (English)
Campaign Promotion
  • Agency/Program Speaker & Tour Options (.pdf)
  • Agency/Program Tour Sign-Up Form (.pdf)
  • Agency/Program Speaker Request Form (.pdf)
  • Campaign Incentives Flyer (.pdf)
  • LIVE UNITED Appreciation Card (.pdf)
  • Promotional Items Available for Check-Out from United Way (hyperlink)
  • Order United Way promotional items for your campaign (United Way Store)

Plan Your Employee Meeting

  • How to Conduct a 30-Minute Campaign Meeting (.pdf)
  • PowerPoint Presentation for Campaign Meetings (.ppt)
  • Agency/Program Speaker & Tour Options (.pdf)
  • Agency/Program Speaker Request Form (.pdf)
  • Watch the Campaign Video (YouTube) (Download HD file)

Plan Your Palmetto Society Campaign

  • How to Run a Palmetto Society Workplace Campaign (.doc)
  • Palmetto Society Fact Sheet (.doc)
  • PowerPoint Presentation for a Palmetto Society Workplace Campaign Meeting (.ppt)
  • Palmetto Society Sample Letters (.doc)
  • Palmetto Society FAQ (.doc)
  • Table 301 Palmetto Society Incentive Flyer (.pdf)
  • 2017 Michelin Match (.pdf)

Report Your Results to United Way

  • Electronic Workplace Campaign Envelope (.pdf)
  • Report Envelope (.pdf)
  • How to Complete a Report Envelope (.pdf)
  • Palmetto Society Report Form (.xls)
  • Special Event Envelope (.pdf)
  • Tax Implications Document (.doc)
  • Tour Evaluation Form (.pdf)

Thank You Coupon Card

As a special thank you, employees who contribute $250 or more will receive a coupon card offering deals from several area businesses. To receive coupon cards for your employees, please complete the form below and e-mail it to United Way at

Thank You Coupon Card Report Form with instructions. Please list the names of employees who qualify for the Thank You Coupon cards. (.xls)

Agency/Program Tours & Speakers

  • List of Agencies/Programs Providing Speakers & Tours (.pdf)
  • Agency/Program Tour Request Form (.pdf)
  • Agency/Program Speaker Request Form (.doc)
  • Agency/Program Speaker Request Form - FOR SCHOOL CAMPAIGNS ONLY (.pdf)