Greenville Dreams: Our Neighborhoods


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President: Hattie Garrison (April Jackson)  864-233-4669,,
GCRA information about Brutontown:


President: Cynthia Chance  735-0265,

The Dunean Mills Community Alliance (D.M.C.A.), is a South Carolina based nonprofit corporation established in 2010. We are a team of families, seniors, youth, and adults of various backgrounds whose mission is to revitalize and systemically improve the quality of life, character, and long term economic viability of the Dunean Mills Community.


President: Eddie Robinson  864-907-9788,

The Freetown Community is located in the county of Greenville, SC, on the western edge of the city of Greenville, SC.  The community is bounded on the north by the Southern Railway south tracks, on the east by the Piedmont and Northern Railway and on the west by White Horse Road. 

There are approximately one hundred ten (110) houses located in this community, and 98% of the houses are individually owned. The community has two churches: Friendship Baptist Church and St. Mary's AME Church, also located here is the Freetown Community Center.

We have the Freetown Community Association which meets once monthly.  The association’s goal is to develop and implement a grassroots leadership development program to enhance the capability and capacity of community leaders to strengthen and improve their individual neighborhoods.  Educate and fully inform residents about issues and opportunities that can impact their neighborhoods and to encourage them to participate in the improvement of their community.

Our vision is that all Greenville residents live in a productive, vibrant, healthy and safe neighborhood.

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President: Anna Byrd  864-370-1733,

Gower Neighborhood Association, Inc. is an organized group of concerned citizens dedicated to promoting improvements in housing, education, social, and environmental aspects of life in West Greenville and other areas of Greenville.

The Gower Neighborhood Association meets quarterly at 6 pm at the West Greenville Community Center.

Greater Sullivan

President: Violita Dirton  864-363-3121,

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The Greater Sullivan Community Neighborhood Association meets the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Juanita Butler Community Center.

Green Ave.

President: Sandi Canty   864-752-5983,

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President: Mary Cleveland 864-271-1296,

Vision:  Our vision for Greenline - -Spartanburg Street is to have a viable, stable and friendly neighborhood, with a foresight of new affordable homes and residents that's employable and becoming self-sufficient.

Goal: Our goal is to work closely with partners to accomplish our goal, which is already underway. As of today we have over 40 new homes erected with more being developed. We are working with partners such as City of Greenville, Greenville Housing Futures, Genesis Homes and also Private Anonymous Partners.

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The Greenline-Spartanburg Neighborhood Association meets at 6 pm at the David Hellams Community Center.


President: Felsie Harris  864-201-9567,

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The Haynie-Sirrine Neighborhood Association meets the second Thursday of the month at 6 pm at the YWCA on Augusta St.


President: Claudia Walker   864-201-4151,

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Monaghan Mill 

President: Caroline Lott  864-386-1812,

Mission: The Monaghan Revitalization Association is a collective neighborhood effort dedicated to restoring the Monaghan District to its historical mill-town prime while revitalizing the area with a progressive look reminiscent of Downtown Greenville.

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Needmore (Greer)*

President: Sylvia Jones   864-848-3955,

We seek to improve the quality of life for the residents in this neighborhood in matters such as land use, traffic control, social functions, environmental protection, public services and other matters of neighborhood concern.


President: Yvonne Reeder  864-370-0517,

Nicholtown Neighborhood Association began through concerned residents who wanted their community to be better. Their first leader was Ann Fuller as president and Xanthene Norris as advisor. Later in 2001, Margaret McJunkin emerged with the theme "Beautiful Places,  Beautiful People", and with Carrie Mingo, James & Juanita Bennett and others the transformation expanded! Yards were cleaned up, street crime reduced, and a new pride emerged! Presently under the leadership of Yvonne Reeder, there is a Community Garden, Computer Classes, Nicholtown Spinners Bicycle Club for youth, Free Bike-Share and Healthy Support Group for all residents to share! A Historical Monument is being constructed to share pavers of the residents names and attributes. The new theme is "Together We Grow". Monthly Community Meetings are held the Fourth Thursday night from 6:30 -8:00pm featuring healthy meals, informative speakers, and updates on neighborhood activities at the Community Recreation Center.

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The Nicholtown Neighborhood Association meets the fourth Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Nicholtown Community Center.

Piney Mountain

Pleasant Valley

President: Princella Lee-Bridges  864-884-1403,

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The Greater Pleasant Valley Community Organization meets the last Thursday of the month at 6:30 at the Pleasant Valley Connection.

Poe Mill

President: Kwadjo Campbell 864-270-3784,

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GCRA Poe Mill Redevelopment Project:

Sanctified Hill (Fountain Inn)*

President: Rev. Sylvester Golden   864-360-0537,


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Southernside Neighborhoods in Action meets the second Thursday of the month at 7 pm at 813 Hampton Ave.


President: Dot Russell   864-918-1571,

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The Sterling Neighborhood Association meets the second Thursday of the month at 6 pm at the Sterling Hope Center.

Union Bleachery*

President: Stephanie Smith   864-271-4062


President: Vince Green    864-235-0899

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The Viola Neighborhood Association meets the third Saturday of the month at 10 am at the Viola Community Center.

West End

President: Henry Harrison,

The West End Neighborhood Association meets the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30 at Pendleton Street Baptist Church.

West Greenville

President: Rev. Vardrey Fleming  864-271-4935,,

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The West Greenville Community Association meets the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the West Greenville Community Center.

Woodside Cotton Mill

President: Mel Edwards   864-270-6350,

Woodside Mill GCRA Redesign: