Isaac and Rommel

During his adolescent years, Isaac needed someone to look up to.  As someone who experienced a challenging upbringing, there was nothing more he wanted than someone to have fun with — someone to bring him out of his shell.

Enter the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. 

Through United Way’s partners at Big Brothers Big Sisters, Isaac was partnered with Rommel who was seeking a way to get involved and give back.

Meeting one another for the first time nine years ago is a moment they will never forget. “I remember I was really nervous because obviously I have never had a younger brother. Having that responsibility of influencing a younger person’s life is a bit nerve wracking,” said Rommel. But little did they know they would hit it off instantly. “There was an automatic connection. We would go fishing, play basketball … Everything I wanted came true,” said Isaac. 

Through this program, Isaac and Rommel have fostered a friendship that has helped Isaac grow from a timid fourth-grader to an active, confident graduate of Mauldin High School, and now, a rising freshman at North Greenville College.

Additionally, Isaac has volunteered to be a Big Brother to two boys at Bethel Elementary School. Rommel is proud to see the fourth-grader he met nine years ago take advantage of the opportunity to serve as a role model, just like he did. 

“I’m very proud of what he has turned into and what he has become,” said Rommel.