Life was good for Kady Jacobs. With an education, a career and a supportive church community, she never thought she would be the one needing help. However, one day her life was shattered. The worst part? It was the love of her life that caused the pain.

Overwhelmed with feelings of depression, she and her son didn’t know where to turn. They found the support they needed to begin the healing process thanks to United Way and the Julie Valentine Center.

“I couldn’t be more grateful. Although you might not be able to see and be able to say what that dollar amount has done, when you transform a life, you can’t put a price tag on that,” she said. “It’s so imperative to say thank you for your gift.”

With a gift to United Way, your donation is invested in an array of local programs fighting to build a Cycle of Success for people like Kady and her son.

There’s no donation to small or too large. The need is there.