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2018: My United Way Story

#MyUWStory: Beth Casey

#MyUWStory: Dr. Edward Anderson

#MyUWStory: Diana Watson

#MyUWStory: Sara Montero-Buria

#MyUWStory: Chrystal Wilson

#MyUWStory: Hope Wofford

#MyUWStory: Drew Perry

#MyUWStory: Joe Erwin

#MyUWStory: Carlos Phillips

2017: We Must Live United

Lamont: United We Win

Brad: United We Win

Kady: United We Win

Isaac & Rommel: United We Win

Holly: United We Win

2016: Buidling a Cycle of Sucess

2014: Ginny

2013: Meet the Joneses

They're a typical, middle-class family. Until one day when they give it all up to experience what it's like to walk in the shoes of the homeless.

In Walk In Their Shoes, we follow the Jones family as they attempt to survive with no home, no credit or debit cards, no help from friends or family, and very little cash.

Their only help? A list of United Way partner agencies and the kindness and generosity of our community.

Walk In Their Shoes (2013 Campaign Video)

Walk In Their Shoes: Tammi's Story

Walk In their Shoes: Latifah's Story

Walk In Their Shoes (Full Length Documentary)