Social Innovation Fund

The Social Innovation Fund provided the fuel to accelerate our efforts and helped unite the philanthropic community together around middle grades success.

OnTrack Greenville’s Early Warning and Response System strategy has inspired an unprecedented response from a variety of stakeholders, beginning with a $3 million grant from the Social Innovation Fund. 

As a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service, the Social Innovation Fund positions the federal government to be a catalyst for impact—using public and private resources to find and grow community-based nonprofits with evidence of strong results.  It focuses on overcoming challenges confronting low-income Americans in the areas of economic opportunity, healthy futures, and youth development.

When the Social Innovation Fund grant was awarded for our middle grades initiative last fall, it triggered an immediate response from Greenville County’s community of philanthropic organizations looking to make a collective impact. Led by our United Way, Hollingsworth Funds and the Community Foundation of Greenville, the newly formed Greenville Partnership For Philanthropy has committed support for OnTrack Greenville from: The Daniel-Mickel Foundation, Fluor, Gilreath Family Fund, The Graham Foundation, John I. Smith Charities, Jolley Foundation, Lockheed Martin, Piedmont Health Foundation, and ScanSource Charitable Foundation and Wells Fargo.

The total investment over five years could reach $15 million.

Social Innovation Fund Sub-Grantees

After a rigorous application process, Social Innovation funds are being invested in five programs that will form the nucleus of OnTrack Greenville's coordinated response system at each White Horse community middle school:

  1. BELL (Building Education Leaders for Life) will provide a summer program to help rising sixth graders who are struggling academically.

  2. Communities In Schools will expand case-management services to provide a coordinator for each grade level within each middle school;

  3. Greenville County Schools will hire mental health specialists and provide a teen leadership class for each participating school;

  4. Greenville Health System will implement health clinics at each school; and

  5. Public Education Partners will provide specialized literacy training to teachers.

The first program begins this summer, with all five programs in place and operating by the start of the 2015-16 school year.

United Way of Greenville County is committed to transparency in funding selections. The following information is provided to the public to outline the selection process that led to the five Social Innovation Fund subgrantees, agencies that are now considered the five main implementation partners for OnTrack Greenville.

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