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Ansel Sanders

Ansel Sanders is the President & CEO of Public Education Partners and a longtime partner and supporter of United Way of Greenville County.

"A lot of our work looks to ensure that every single student has access to a fantastic set of educational opportunities. If we are serious as a community about ensuring everybody can be on that pathway, then we must invest in United Way."

Carlos Phillips

As President and CEO of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, Carlos Phillips has experience and insight into the successes and shortcomings in our community.

"We love Greenville. We want Greenville to continue to do well, and we believe that Greenville can do better. One way that we can invest in that is through United Way."

Tina Belge

Tina Belge is not only a United Way supporter, but Vice Chair of our YP20s Young Philanthropists group. Her leadership and work within our community is building a new generation of philanthropists and culture in Greenville County.

"I not only give to United Way philanthropically, but I believe in the mission they have and what they're doing."

Joe Erwin

Joe Erwin has watched Greenville County evolve before his eyes, and has worked with the people and organizations who continue to make our community a place where people can thrive. But he also recognizes there is still work to be done.

"I know that the challenges will always be here, but United Way is committed to doing better and better and better—and that’s something we can all be proud of and we should buy into."

Drew Perry

As the Dropout Prevention Specialist for Greenville County Schools, Drew Perry sees firsthand the need for student support in our community.

"United Way provides assistance to the people we call neighbors, friends, coworkers, patients and students, and I think that's important for a community to thrive."

Chrystal Wilson

Once unemployed and struggling to make ends meet, Chrystal enrolled in a United Way-funded job training program that helped her family out of a cycle of poverty with a new career in real estate. Today, she and her husband own a thriving company and are giving back by helping others on the path to smart home ownership.

"My life has changed tremendously by one decision you made to give to United Way,” she says. “I thank you. My husband thanks you. My three children thank you, because their lives will never be the same.”

Beth Casey

Beth Casey is a long-time United Way supporter through Mitsubishi Polyester Film's annual campaign. She was glad to give to create better futures in our community, but when her son Luke was diagnosed with a developmental disorder, Beth's family received life-changing support of their own through United Way-funded partners.

"To be able to give to one organization like United Way and know that it is out there bringing all these people together, providing for families like ours...” she says. “I hope you understand that what you're doing is changing lives.”

Sara Montero-Buria

Sara Montero-Buria is Director of Marketing & Communications at Hispanic Alliance, a United Way partner working to foster collaboration between people, resources and cultures in Greenville County.

"It's very important that we look at all of our county and all of our community," she says, "and help the nonprofits and agencies that are doing amazing work to help everyone get to that level of prosperity we expect."

Dr. Edward Anderson

Dr. Edward Anderson is Principal at Tanglewood Middle School, one of four schools in Greenville County currently supported by United Way initiave OnTrack Greenville. This evidence-based dropout prevention tool identifies early warnings in middle school students and provides tailored, sustainable support to keep them on the path to graduation. Dr. Anderson has seen his school transformed by United Way and the OnTrack Greenville program.

"United Way is saving lives,” he says. “Not just life or death, but saving lives in terms of creating futures for our kids.”

Diana Watson

Diana Watson is best known as an anchor for The Five O'Clock News and FOX Carolina News Tonight, but she is also a long-time United Way supporter and this year's Campaign Chair. Diana has deepened her personal connection over the years through volunteerism and one-on-one mentoring with Greenville County students.

"The more I've learned about United Way and the more I've learned about the agencies,” shey says, "I'm more passionate than ever and more confident than ever that the money I give is truly making a difference in each person's life."