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United Way investments in Greenville County reach $14.4 million


United Way of Greenville County announced today it will award $2.25 million in funding to 46 local programs, raising its total community investments to $14.4 million this year. 

Community volunteers and staff, led by Community Investment Cabinet Chair Matt Cardone, visited agencies and evaluated proposals based on their strategic alignment, ability to measure and report meaningful results, effective use of resources, and commitment to evaluation, continuous learning and improvement.

United Way’s volunteer board of trustees unanimously approved the investment plan, which supports programs that are directly tied to 10 proven strategies related to improving school readiness, high school graduation and financial stability. 

Funding for these programs will begin on July 1 and is renewable for three years, from 2017-20, contingent on the success of United Way’s annual campaign and each program’s effectiveness in achieving measurable, meaningful results.

Included are eight innovative programs that have been awarded United Way funding for the first time. These new programs provide needed services in Greenville County for those who are underserved, underrepresented or at-risk:

  • Momentum Bike Clubs (Clemson University)
  • Life Support Mentoring (Fostering Great Ideas)
  • Read Greenville (Greenville First Steps)
  • Youth Crew/Job Training (Mill Community Ministries)
  • STEM-Powerment Project (Neighborhood Focus)
  • Dwight Woods Repertory Theatre (Phillis Wheatley Association)
  • Employment Bootcamp (Upstate Fatherhood Coalition) 
  • Warrior Wellness  (Upstate Warrior Solutions) 

“With so many worthy programs competing, it is extremely difficult to decide how we invest donor contributions,” said Michael Cinquemani, chair of the United Way of Greenville County board of trustees. “The investment process was particularly competitive this year. Less funds were available to invest as a result of increased donor-directed giving to specific agencies and a smaller campaign.” 

The programs announced today join 52 currently funded Life Essentials programs—those providing assistance with basic needs and foundational services—bringing the total number of programs receiving United Way funding to 98, with a total investment of $4.8 million.

“United Way of Greenville County is committed to partnering with organizations that work with us to strive for the educational success and financial stability of individuals and families throughout our community,” said Cinquemani. “We are confident the programs receiving funding have demonstrated they have the capacity and expertise to implement these strategies and we are excited that they can measure how the people they serve are better off because of their programs.”

In total, United Way of Greenville County is investing $14.4 million in community programs and initiatives this year:

$4.8 million Investments in 98 local programs provided by 74 partner organizations that are collectively addressing critical community issues

$6 million Strategic initiatives, partnerships and services working toward community solutions in the areas of school readiness, high school graduation and financial stability, including:

  • Institute for Child Success (ICS) (early development, healthcare and education) 
  • OnTrack Greenville (middle grades success)
  • BOOST (afterschool quality improvement)
  • Public Education Partners (supporting and strengthening public education and student achievement) 
  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)
  • AmeriCorps (members serve in 28 Upstate nonprofits, improving quality and capacity of programs)
  • Hands On Greenville (volunteer engagement)
  • Hispanic Alliance (Hispanic outreach and engagement)
  • 2-1-1 (United Way’s 24/7 helpline)

$3.6 million Donor-designated contributions to specific agencies

“Maximizing the impact of our donors’ gifts by investing in the most effective programs and initiatives is our top priority,” said United Way of Greenville County President Ted Hendry. “Thanks to the individual generosity of thousands of caring United Way donors, these investments will change lives and help us build a Cycle of Success for individuals and families throughout Greenville County.”

For a complete list of programs and initiatives receiving United Way community investments, click here.