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Vision, Mission & Values


A Cycle of Success for everyone in Greenville County.


Bringing people and resources together to build a Cycle of Success, where

  • all children in Greenville County start school prepared to learn and go on to graduate

  • well-educated graduates find good jobs and create stable homes

  • children from stable homes continue the cycle because they start school on track and prepared for success

Our Values: How We LIVE UNITED

We constantly challenge ourselves to reach higher, think differently, act innovatively, and work collaboratively to build a Cycle of Success for everyone in Greenville County.

  • ResultsWe set and exceed measurable financial and program goals that positively impact the community we serve.

  • ExcellenceWe strive to always seek new and better ways to achieve our individual and shared goals, consistently delivering results at the highest levels.

  • AccountabilityWe take ownership and responsibility for the unique role each of us has in achieving our vision of a Cycle of Success for everyone in Greenville County.

  • CollaborationWe leverage the power created by bringing diverse groups together, recognizing that unique ideas and perspectives are critical to solving shared community challenges.

  • Honesty/OpennessWe operate with the highest integrity and respect, embracing transparency, truthfulness and open dialogue in every aspect of our work.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

United Way of Greenville County is committed to valuing, understanding, accepting and celebrating all people. United together we will authentically demonstrate and model the principles of diversity and inclusion which enrich all communities.