Greenville Dreams

Greenville Dreams works directly with neighborhood association leaders to help build upon the strengths and assets already present in their neighborhoods. Training and peer support are provided to Special Emphasis Neighborhood leaders in the areas of problem-solving, successfully managing and leading a neighborhood association, planning and goal-setting, available resources and effective communication skills. Working in partnership with United Way of Greenville County (UWGC), the City of Greenville (CG), and the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority (GCRA), Greenville Dreams consists of neighborhood leaders from Special Emphasis Neighborhoods in Greenville County collaborating to focus on facilitating positive community changes through resident-centered neighborhood development.

Mission Statement

Greenville Dreams is a coalition of neighborhood and community leaders organized to empower residents to improve their neighborhoods through leadership development while leveraging available resources.

Vision Statement

Our vision is that all Greenville residents live in a productive, vibrant, healthy and safe neighborhood.

Strategic Focus Areas

In order to carry out our Mission and realize our Vision, the Greenville Dreams organization will focus on the following Strategic Focus Areas:

Visibility and Communications
Greenville Dreams will increase its visibility and strengthen its communications within its network and the overall Greenville Community. It is essential that the organization develop an awareness campaign while establishing a strong communication channel to reach out to neighborhoods that are currently disconnected from the resources provided by Greenville Dreams.

Organizational and Leadership Development
Greenville Dreams will lead by example so that neighborhood leaders can get first-hand experience with how to improve their neighborhood associations and how to implement the tools and techniques presented in the GLDP. This will provide neighborhood leaders an opportunity to learn from each other while taking valuable lessons back to their neighborhoods for implementation.

Collaborations and Resource Development
To create a pathway to long term sustainability and effectiveness, Greenville Dreams will develop and nurture strong partnerships with Upstate organizations that are mission-driven to enhance the quality of life for residents in underserved communities. These efforts will increase the opportunity to expand the organization’s resource base to include local, regional and national foundations.

Education and Programming
To achieve scalable and robust community impact, Greenville Dreams will educate and inform its members and provide them access to a cadre of programs, services and resources that focus on how residents can lead the improvement of their neighborhoods. These program offerings will be driven by priorities established by the membership of Greenville Dreams.

Read our strategic plan (.pdf)

Our Neighborhoods

Grassroot Leadership Development

Focused Needs and Assets Assessment by Furman University

Executive Summary | Full Assessment
The United Way of Greenville County contracted Furman University to conduct a focused needs and assets assessment in order to identify priority communities in Greenville County and analyze these areas’ existing needs and assets. This study of ten specific communities will facilitate the making of evidence-based decisions to direct initiatives and investments and also plan for future community-based collaborations. 

Meeting Dates

Greenville Dreams meets at 6 p.m. on the second Monday of every month, except December, at United Way of Greenville County.