Designations Policy

In 2019, United Way of Greenville County’s Board of Directors approved an updated Designations Policy, which went into effect on January 1, 2020. This policy allows United Way of Greenville County to sustain its balanced and strategic investments in partner agencies made as part of a comprehensive Community Impact Strategy. Undesignated gifts enable us to invest our resources in areas that align with our strategic priorities— informed by our extensive research and expertise—to make the greatest impact within Greenville County. 

While we continue to accept gifts designated to non-partner agencies that are not aligned with our mission and purpose, they are discouraged because they do not support our value proposition to the community or allow us to invest fully in the comprehensive strategies that fund the most effective partners appropriately.

Donor Designations Policy for United Way Funded Partners

100 percent of donor designations to United Way funded partners go to that partner. No administrative fee is assessed for donor-designated gifts to United Way of Greenville County’s funded partner organizations. The total amount of gifts designated to funded partners will act as replacement dollars for the current year’s United Way allocation to that particular agency. In the event the total amount of designated gifts to a partner organization exceed the current year’s United Way allocation, 100 percent of the amount above the allocation will benefit the partner organization. This policy will continue to ensure the integrity of our collective investment in partner agencies across the county made with specific community-wide goals in mind. 

United Way will not disclose the names of donors or the amounts of their gifts to partner agencies.

Donor Designations for Non-Funded Partners

A 10 percent administrative fee is assessed on donor-designated gifts to organizations not currently funded by United Way of Greenville County. This administrative fee offsets the expense of processing, acknowledging, and stewarding gifts via United Way to non-partner organizations. The non-partner agency must be a tax-exempt organization eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions per IRS Pub 78 data.  

United Way will not disclose the names of donors or the amounts of their gifts to non-partner agencies.

If you have any questions about this policy, please reach out to

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