Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does United Way of Greenville County do?

Our mission is to mobilize people and resources to improve lives, advance equity and strengthen the community. Our How We Win strategy emphasizes housing, childcare, education and transportation as the key barriers to higher earnings in Greenville County. Rather than focusing on a single agency or issue, we invest in a portfolio of programs and initiatives that work hand-in-hand to create solutions to many of Greenville County’s most difficult problems — problems that no single organization can solve on its own. As a funder and partner, we work with the entire community to build resources, focus investments and foster partnerships that create lasting social change.

2. Who are your partners? 

Anybody who wants to make a difference in our community, including donors, volunteers, companies, foundations, faith communities and schools. You can explore a list of currently funded programs here, which we update annually. 

3. How does United Way distribute funds?

Staff and volunteers team up to review applications, measure the effectiveness of programs and gauge their ability to meet our strategic goals. Funding decisions regarding programs and initiatives supported by United Way of Greenville County are approved by our Board of Directors.

4. How can my organization apply for United Way funding? 

In September 2023, we announced our award grants for the 2024–2026 funding cycle. We update our website regularly with opportunities for funding, so be sure to check back for updated information. 

5. Can I designate my gift directly to a specific agency? 

Yes, but undesignated gifts enable us to invest in areas that align with our strategic goals — informed by our extensive research and expertise — to make the greatest impact in Greenville County. Full details on our current Designations Policy can be found here.

6. How can I get involved?

Change in Greenville County starts with you — whether you donate or volunteer.  You can also register for a volunteer account at to search for volunteer opportunities and track your impact. Interested in seeing what United Way of Greenville County is up to daily? Follow us on social media to see our latest events, projects and opportunities to get involved.  

7. Does United Way support Planned Parenthood? 


8. How much of the money raised by United Way is used for administrative purposes? 

United Way of Greenville County’s current overhead rate is 17.6%. Independent evaluator Charity Navigator gives us 4-stars — their top rating — for efficiency.

9. I have another question I don’t see here.

We’re ready to answer any questions you have. Please email us at to get in touch.

Making a difference starts here


Making a Difference Starts Here

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