Policy & Advocacy

Your voice is a powerful tool for change. We advocate for public policies at all levels of government that support our vision of a Greenville County where all people have access to the opportunities to achieve their full potential.

Our Framework

Our Policy & Advocacy Framework defines criteria for issue selection and prioritization, as well as guidance for evaluating the level of engagement and risk for each issue. We have three tiers of involvement in public policy:

Tier 1


Provide or prepare data-informed testimony
Convene partners and stakeholders
Direct engagement with policy makers

Tier 2


Advocate when directed by leading organization
Participate in hearings or meetings
Share data and stories to shift mental models
Lend capacity building support to leading organization

Tier 3


Sign on letters
Status updates
Share media messaging

2024 advocacy agenda

additional resources

Visit scstatehouse.gov to find your legislators, including U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, SC State Senator and SC State Representative.

For local representatives, click here to find your County Council District, and click here for representative contact information.

Visit scvotes.gov or vote411.org to register to vote, check your registration status, find what’s on your ballot and more.

United for ALICE (Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed) has released detailed data and reports that aim to reshape the dialogue on financial hardship.

Click here for our state overview and Greenville County-specific data.

United for ALICE also has a helpful legislative tool available that breaks down demographic data based on district.

Join Our Efforts


Join us in asking Congress to prioritize the Child Tax Credit in 2024.
By expanding the CTC, we can ensure that 400,000 children are lifted above the poverty line and support 16 million low-income children in families across the nation
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