Greenville Dreams

Greenville Dreams works directly with neighborhood association leaders to help build upon the strengths and assets already present in their neighborhoods.

Training and peer support are provided to Special Emphasis Neighborhood leaders in the areas of problem-solving, successfully managing and leading a neighborhood association, planning and goal-setting, available resources and effective communication skills. 

Working in partnership with United Way of Greenville County, the City of Greenville, and the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority (GCRA), Greenville Dreams consists of neighborhood leaders from Special Emphasis Neighborhoods in Greenville County collaborating to focus on facilitating positive community changes through resident-centered neighborhood development.

Mission Statement

Greenville Dreams is a coalition of neighborhood and community leaders organized to empower residents to improve their neighborhoods through leadership development while leveraging available resources.

Vision Statement

Our vision is that all Greenville residents live in a productive, vibrant, healthy and safe neighborhood.

Meeting Dates

Greenville Dreams meets at 6 p.m. on the third Monday of every other month, except December, at United Way of Greenville County. If you would like to present a topic at an upcoming Greenville Dreams meeting, please fill out this form.

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Making a difference starts here


Making a Difference Starts Here

Thank you for joining us to build a stronger, more equitable Greenville County for all. Please complete the form below to stay connected with us. 

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