At United Way of Greenville County, we believe everyone deserves access to quality education and the opportunity to reach their full potential — because the right support, resources and experiences can change the direction of a child’s life forever.

We’ve long known that education is the cornerstone to building a strong, financially stable future. Relevant skills, knowledge, opportunities and credentials are critical to people’s ability to support themselves and their families long-term — with a bachelor’s degree earning an average of $20–30,000 more annually than someone with just a high school diploma.
Unfortunately, just 32 percent of Greenville County high school students are considered college and career ready when they graduate. And approximately 47 percent of working-age adults have a high-quality, post-secondary credential or degree.

At least 60 percent of students in Greenville County Schools (more than 46,000 children) are experiencing poverty.

It’s difficult to prepare for your future when meeting daily needs is a struggle.
Unfortunately, our region has a history of importing talent to fill available jobs instead of growing talent here at home.Your investment in United Way works to change that by providing educational support that helps more students graduate ready for post-secondary success, as well as job training programs that develop in-demand skills for the 21st century jobs in our region. 

Our Focus Areas

Post-secondary success

Deliver academic, financial and other services to youth and working-age individuals pursuing a high school diploma, general equivalency diploma (GED), post-secondary credential, industry certification, etc.

Job placement services & supports

Help residents experiencing long-term unemployment find secure jobs and stable income.

Sector-specific job training

Prepare adults for careers mainly in rapidly growing industries like advanced materials, automotive, aviation/aerospace and biosciences.

Transitional employment & reentry support

Facilitate residents' transitions to full-time employment through subsidized jobs and wraparound support services.

You Make the Difference

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Making a Difference Starts Here

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