When you support United Way, you’re expanding access to high-quality childcare—from prenatal health initiatives to afterschool enrichment programs for students.

If you’ve ever had to find childcare in Greenville County, you know the struggle is real. Even if you do everything right, plan ahead and get on a waitlist before you’re pregnant, the cost for a quality childcare program is like paying a second mortgage every month.
Now, imagine trying to find a high-quality program that will support early childhood development when you’re already struggling to make ends meet.

In Greenville County, the average household spends 18 percent of its income on childcare.

Right now, more than two-thirds of students entering kindergarten in Greenville County aren’t prepared to learn at their grade level. If we don’t invest in our children, they’ll never be able to break the cycle and build a better life.

Our Focus Areas

Early childhood workforce supports

Promote initiatives to train, recruit and retain educators and caregivers to deliver evidence-based childcare and early education programming.

Traditional childcare & early education

Support supervision, curricula, programming and healthy learning environments for children ages 0–5.

access to flexible family programs

Increase access to childcare during nonstandard hours to support caregivers occupied outside of traditional work hours.

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Making a Difference Starts Here

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