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About Us

We’re in this together.

We all want Greenville County to be a thriving community where everyone can have a safe, stable and successful life. To this end, United Way brings together a diverse group of people, businesses and organizations around a shared desire to make Greenville County a place where everyone has the opportunities and resources to reach their full potential. Providing people with the tools and support to thrive at every stage of life creates a better community for all of us. 

Together, we’re doing something different.

We’re focused on creating real solutions, not quick fixes or Band-Aids. We will always need those programs that provide basic needs and emergency assistance, but we are also looking at the big picture by leading and supporting programs and initiatives that have an enduring impact in improving school readiness, high school graduation and financial stability. It’s only by focusing on holistic solutions to these complex problems that we can achieve the generational community change we all want and build a Cycle of Success for everyone in Greenville County.

Success won’t happen without you. Join us.

It’s because of donors, volunteers and advocates throughout Greenville County that we’re making progress. But there is more to do. Our community needs your support, whether it’s through contributing dollars or time, or lending your voice in support of critical community issues. Join with us, and become part of something greater than yourself. Only by working together can we help all children unlock their full potential and strenghten our community for generations to come.