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Financial Stability

Helping build financially stable homes

The key economic factors affecting the ability of the average person to achieve long-term financial stability include the lack of economic mobility, soaring personal debt, and wealth inequality. In Greenville County more than 65,000 people (15 percent) live below the federal poverty line.

More and more, hardworking individuals and families are unable to get ahead financially. Wages have not kept pace with the rising cost of housing, healthcare, and education, and skill levels have not stayed in alignment with changing industry needs.

The road to financial stability is not simple, nor a one-step process. In response, the United Way must focus on a continuum of strategies that will support individuals as they seek to increase income, build savings, and gain and sustain assets.

This stepped approach is not just focused on helping people meet their basic needs (food and shelter), but also on achieving long-term financial success for individuals and families. Success will result in outcomes such as home ownership, personal savings, quality childcare and access to health care.



Center for Working Families

The Benefit Bank

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Funded Programs

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