ReUNITED and It Feels So Good.

ReUNITED invites seniors and retirees to connect, engage and make a difference in Greenville County. We understand the important role that volunteerism and philanthropy play in strengthening our community, and are ready to put our life experiences and knowledge to work for others. With fun and informative opportunities to stay active and engaged with our community all year long, ReUNITED is a great way to stay connected.

Why ReUnited?

  • You share in our commitment to helping our community. Past engagement with United Way is not a prerequisite for joining ReUNITED.
  •  You were engaged with United Way in your work life, but haven’t found your way to reconnect.
  • You are a newcomer to Greenville and want to become part of an effort that provides opportunities for every person to succeed and every family to thrive.


  • Share your life experiences, expertise and skills to make a difference. Your insight and engagement are critical resources that can benefit our community and its future.
  • Learn about the challenges our community faces and lend your voice to help those who don’t always have one. Be an active contributor to advocating for solutions to Greenville County’s biggest challenges.
  • Engage in United Way’s work in the community by volunteering your time. Nothing is more valuable. 
  • Enjoy social events and opportunities to have fun and give back to our community.

Join ReUnited

You can be involved on your own terms and your own timeline, so flexibility is a key element of ReUNITED. Click here to complete your gift.

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Making a difference starts here


Making a Difference Starts Here

Thank you for joining us to build a stronger, more equitable Greenville County for all. Please complete the form below to stay connected with us. 

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