Greenville County imap provides you with an interactive, visual look at essential services available throughout Greenville County such as food, housing, healthcare, childcare and recreational opportunities.

A primary goal for imap is to increase community awareness of both access to and convenience of these services in the cities and neighborhoods within Greenville County.

Some of the areas identified and mapped include: bus stops, parks, educational institutions, affordable housing, health centers, quality childcare, food pantries, recreation centers, shelters, community gardens, farmers markets, employment assistance, elderly assistance and governmental offices.

Click here to visit the map.

The imap can also be used by decision-makers such as health and public safety officials and county planners, or by private businesses and residents to identify areas where services need to be added or enhanced.

All information points have been vetted and reviewed. If any points are identified as inaccurate or missing, please submit an inquiry using the following form

All inquiries will be reviewed and updated on a quarterly basis.

Greenville County imap Partners:


Additional contributing partners include: City of Greenville, Greenville Chamber,
Greenville Housing Authority, Feed & Seed, Piedmont Health Foundation and Ten at the Top.