Poverty, by Greenville

Driven by our deep generosity and care for one another, our community has a history of joining together to help those in need and alleviate poverty—but what if the way we think about poverty is all wrong? What if we’ve, albeit unintentionally, been part of the solution and the problem?

United Way of Greenville County is flipping the script on poverty and engaging local employers, business leaders, professionals, and community members to explore their role in perpetuating poverty within our community. Together, we seek to identify actionable decisions that can be made daily to transform Greenville County into a place where all people have access to the opportunities to achieve their full potential.

“Poverty, By Greenville” is a thought-provoking dialogue featuring Pulitzer Prize winner and MacArthur Genius grant recipient Matthew Desmond. Explore Desmond’s groundbreaking research on the enduring complexities of poverty in our communities and discover bold strategies for addressing them head-on. This main event hosted at the Peace Center will be limited to 2,000 attendees and feature a dynamic 40-minute presentation followed by a 25-minute interactive Q&A session.

Don’t wait! The first 500 to buy a General Admission ticket will receive our discounted rate of $29. After they’re gone, the price will go up to $39. Use the link below to buy your tickets now.

Thanks to our sponsors for making "Poverty, by Greenville" possible:

Making a difference starts here


Making a Difference Starts Here

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