Financial Stability

Raven and Tristan: Building a Cycle of Success

Three years ago, Raven Daniel was facing some pretty tough odds for a young girl.

As a junior at Wade Hampton, she became pregnant. The reality of facing motherhood at such a young age was made even more challenging when the pregnancy became high-risk, forcing her to leave school and stay home on bed rest. 

But just when the outlook for a successful future for Raven seemed most bleak, United Way of Greenville County was there to help.

A mother building her Cycle of Success


Jennifer Calandra is a mother and military veteran who overcame poverty and homelessness to build a safe and stable life for herself and her two precious children.

Two years ago, Jennifer and her family were living in what she describes as a violent neighborhood when a stray bullet flew through the wall of her daughter’s room. “Had we been home, my daughter might not be alive,” she said.