Your generosity will help us address the barriers to higher earnings for low-income households in our community.


Thank you for your support of United Way of Greenville County. With your investment, we will:

  • Support a vetted portfolio of the most impactful local organizations working strategically to remove barriers—housing, childcare, education and transportation—to higher earnings and financial stability.
  • Provide access to safe, stable housing for individuals experiencing homelessness and families saving for their first home.
  • Connect local parents to high-quality childcare—from prenatal health initiatives to afterschool enrichment programs.
  • Improve educational support that helps more students graduate ready for post-secondary success, as well as job training programs that develop in-demand skills.
  • Increase access to public transportation for those seeking healthcare, education and employment.
  • Give families in our community the support and resources they need to build the lives they deserve.

Your contribution is not just a gift to those in Greenville County who will have their lives changed by it, it is also a very real expression of hope for the future of our community. Thank you for believing in us and helping us build a stronger, more equitable Greenville County for all.

You will receive a receipt via email at your provided address. If you have any questions about your contribution, please click here to contact our accounting team or call us at 864-467-3333.


We know we can accomplish much more together as a community than we can alone. That’s why United Way of Greenville County leverages our network of hundreds of community partners — public, private and local nonprofits — to remove barriers to higher earnings and financial stability.

Powered by the generosity of our community we’re attacking these issues in three important ways:

When you give to United Way, you are investing in a vetted portfolio of the most impactful local organizations making a difference where it’s needed most. Thanks to your generous support, last year we helped more than 60,000 people live better lives.

When we identify a need that’s not being addressed, we roll up our sleeves and put our experience and expertise to work, developing initiatives that move our community forward like OnTrack Greenville, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, and the Greenville Racial Equity and Economic Mobility (REEM) Commission.

No single organization can solve these big challenges alone. That’s why we build partnerships to create solutions to our most pressing community challenges, while also advocating at all levels for policies that help beat back poverty in Greenville County.


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Making a difference starts here


Making a Difference Starts Here

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