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United Way Starts With U

Improving Economic Mobility

From generation to generation, parents want their children to climb higher and grow up to live a more comfortable, successful life. The promise is that with a great education and hard work, everyone can achieve their full potential.

But the unfortunate reality is that promise is out of reach for too many in Greenville County, where more than 10 percent of people live under the poverty line — 60,000 men, women and children. Thousands more struggle every day to make ends meet.

We’ve embarked on a significant evolution of our work, one that will help us better meet the unique challenges we face in economic mobility, and help us realize our vision for a Greenville County where all people have access to opportunities to achieve their full potential. 

After two years of being homeless, Lucius saw a United Way ad that changed his life.

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We believe everyone deserves access to quality education and the opportunity to reach their full potential — because the right support, resources and experiences can change the direction of a person’s life forever.

Although education is the most robust predictor of financial stability, 12 percent of adults (25 and older) in Greenville County do not have a high school diploma, and only 35 percent hold a bachelor’s or graduate degree.

Not earning a degree has long-term effects not only on a student’s life, but on our entire community. The average salary for adults who drop out of school ranges between $20,000 and $25,000, compared to $38,150 for high school graduates and $67,760 for graduates with a four-year degree.

We know we must do better.

United Way President & CEO Meghan Barp sat down with OnTrack Greenville Executive Director Edward Anderson and Greenville First Steps Executive Director Derek Lewis for an in-depth conversation on the current challenges we face in education and how we can solve them.

Berea High School graduate James Garcia is one of the first recipients of OnTrack Greenville’s Kathy Dobbins Scholarship, named in honor of the former Lakeview Middle School Principal who passed away last school year. Hear more from the Furman student and future lawyer about his journey.

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Financial stability

Across our community today, many families struggle to stretch their wages to meet the cost of basic needs. Though often not deemed “poor” by official poverty measures, these families lack enough income to meet the rising cost of essentials such as food, housing, transportation, and health care.

United Way works to empower people on the journey to financial stability by providing education and training programs that lead to higher-paying careers.

We need your help to overcome poverty in Greenville County.

In the second installment of our conversation series on United Way’s work in economic mobility, TD Bank’s David Lominack and CommunityWorks’ Tammie Hoy Hawkins join Meghan to discuss the fight against poverty in Greenville County and how our multiple-pronged approach is building financial stability.

For United Way volunteer and donor Moryah Jackson, supporting United Way and our financial stability work is very personal. Hear more about how Moryah’s journey has led to her passion for serving and supporting our community.

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Vibrant & Equitable Communities

From Travelers Rest to Fountain Inn, and from Greer to Greenville, we believe all communities should be safe, thriving and equitable — no matter their zip code.

At United Way of Greenville County, we define Vibrant and Equitable Communities as ones in which neighborhoods are safe and well-connected, the nonprofit network is strong enough to meet community needs as they arise, and everyone has access to opportunities to achieve their full potential.

To realize that vision, the community must work collaboratively to improve conditions for all, policy and advocacy efforts must be centered around systems change that move individuals and families out of poverty, and our most vulnerable neighbors must have equitable access to resources that meet their basic needs.

In this installment of our Economic Mobility Conversation Series, Pastor Sean Dogan of Long Branch Baptist Church and Dr. Saria Saccocio of Proactive MD join Meghan to discuss United Way’s economic mobility work through the lens of Vibrant and Equitable Communities.

Marinella Jimenez of Iglesia Maná Asamblea de Dios partners with United Way to fight food insecurity in Fountain Inn and beyond.

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One of the things that makes Greenville County so special is the willingness of donors, volunteers, workplaces and community groups to roll up their sleeves and change lives. Together, we are building a stronger, more equitable Greenville County for all.

United Way Starts With U

Board Chair Calvin Calhoun III and Community Campaign Chair Cal Hurst join Meghan to discuss their passion for our community, what it means to serve, and why they believe in United Way’s work.
Give to help us build a Greenville County where all people have access to the opportunities to achieve their full potential.

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