CEO Connect: Tom Barkin, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

We had the unique opportunity to host President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Tom Barkin in Greenville for a special conversation about the impact of COVID-19 on our national economy and what steps we can take to support our local community, now and for generations to come.

Mr. Barkin detailed what he considers to be the greatest community issues facing our country right now, from education and broadband access to transportation and racial equity.

We discussed the “design challenge” of well-intentioned federal funding making its way into the hands of our most vulnerable neighbors — and how local programs like our United Way of Greenville County Community Resource Line can serve as navigators to connect those in need to available resources.

We tackled the impact of this crisis on women, particularly on working class mothers and struggles with employment and childcare.

And we dove into the “cost of winning” for our community and how our inclusion on various top ten lists has created challenges related to gentrification and infrastructure.

Watch the entire conversation below to hear us discuss these topics and more:

As Mr. Barkin mentioned, there is no “silver bullet” to fix these issues affecting our community. Your support is critical as we work to address challenges in education, workforce development, childcare, transportation and more. Together, we will build a stronger, more equitable Greenville County for all.

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