COVID-19 Community Relief Fund launches to support human service needs in Greenville County

United Way of Greenville County, the Community Foundation of Greenville, the F.W. Symmes Foundation, Hollingsworth Funds, John I Smith Foundation and Jolley Foundation today announced the launch of the COVID-19 Community Relief Fund to assist Greenville County’s most vulnerable neighbors with the resources they need during this critical time.

The COVID-19 Community Relief Fund will focus on supporting local nonprofit organizations working in areas identified as having high numbers of affected individuals, and those who are working with the most vulnerable populations in these areas to help respond to the physical health, mental health and economic impacts of the pandemic. This effort, in concert with partners such as Greenville County Schools and others from across the region, will coordinate with social service organizations and businesses focused on supporting children and families, hourly wage earners, workers in the gig economy, older adults, people living with disabilities, and other vulnerable communities.

One hundred percent of donations made to the COVID-19 Community Relief Fund will support efforts to provide relief to people impacted by coronavirus and its effect on the community.

As the community and state implement plans to address the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, many in the area who are living in or near poverty often lack disposable income, and cannot afford a day without pay, or to seek medical attention when they or their children may need it. The virus and its after-effects will be another source of stress on already vulnerable members of the community.

“We know the near and long-term impact of the coronavirus will surely have long lasting implications across all sectors, and will disproportionately affect those earning hourly wages, those without health insurance or access to child care, and those already living in poverty,” said Meghan Barp, United Way of Greenville County President and CEO. “The COVID-19 Community Relief Fund is here to serve the critical needs of of our most vulnerable neighbors as we work together in response to the coronavirus, as well as look ahead to ensure inclusion of those furthest behind, who may otherwise face the worst effects of the pandemic in the months ahead.”

Donations to support the COVID-19 Community Relief Fund can be made securely online at

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