Greenville Dreams graduates 14 from Grassroots Leadership Development Program

Greenville Dreams welcomed its ninth graduating class of community leaders from the Grassroots Leadership Development Program Monday night at United Way of Greenville County.

Greenville Dreams works in partnership with United Way of Greenville County, the City of Greenville and the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority to educate and deploy neighborhood leaders from special emphasis neighborhoods in Greenville County. These neighborhood leaders focus on facilitating positive community changes through resident-centered neighborhood development. Greenville Dreams works directly with these leaders to help build on the strengths and assets already present in their neighborhoods while providing training and peer support in the areas of problem solving, successfully managing and leading a neighborhood association, planning and goal setting, deploying available resources and effective communications skills.

The Grassroots Leadership Development Program has trained more than 150 people in Greenville County over the last nine years. The program meets once a month for five months, with sessions covering leadership style, creating a neighborhood vision, advocacy and public policy at the community level, strategies to leverage volunteers and engage youth, and best organizational practices for success.

This year’s graduates are: Rebecca Edwards (City of Greenville); Carmen Ogles, Carolyn Pickney and Shay Ankar (City View); Dalia Delanuez (Habitat for Humanity); Triston Johnson (Greenville City Fire Department); Monica Culbreath (Heritage Creek); Dina Estrada (Hispanic Alliance); Jensine Reeder (United Way of Greenville County); Jessica Spurgeon (Pleasant Valley); Kathy Chorbajian and Debra Scurry (Saluda Bluffs); Laura Greiner (Sterling); and Ian Thomas (West End).

“We are inspired by this new class’ commitment to building the vibrant neighborhoods our community needs,” said United Way of Greenville County President and CEO Meghan Barp. “They understand that real community change happens when we each raise our hand to do our part. We are excited to see what they accomplish for Greenville County’s future.”

To participate in the next leadership program, contact United Way of Greenville County Partner Relations Manager Channing Banks at or 864.331.2991.

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