United Way of Greenville County Named GCS Partner of the Year

Greenville County Schools recently recognized United Way of Greenville County as the 2021 Partner of the Year.

The Partner of the Year award was created to recognize and affirm organizations, groups, or individuals who are making a significant positive impact on fulfilling the district’s mission. This impact includes volunteer time, financial contributions, in-kind donations, or other collaborative supports to students, schools or the district as a whole. The award was designed by Eileen Selby, a 2019 Wade Hampton High graduate and a Fine Arts Center Visual Arts/Metals student.

In 2013, United Way of Greenville County and Greenville County Schools came together to form OnTrack Greenville, a premier middle school and high school initiative focused on ensuring that students stay on track to high school graduation and post-secondary success.

“We believe that at every single point in a child’s life, it’s important to have very strong community supports so that they’re successful,” said Meghan Barp, President and CEO of the United Way of Greenville County. “We invest in early learning programs, out-of-school programs, and programs like OnTrack Greenville to keep students focused on graduation.”

“One of the greatest contributions the United Way offers Greenville County Schools is the connectivity between our families and those who can provide services to meet their needs in terms of employment, homelessness, mental health, and other services,” said Greenville County Schools Superintendent Dr. Burke Royster.

During the pandemic, United Way was one of the first agencies to reach out to Greenville County Schools to offer assistance. The Greenville County Resource Line gave GCS families access to important resources like food and financial assistance for utilities and rent. United Way also partnered with GCS Food and Nutrition Services to provide meals for families, and it was the driving force behind free Wi-Fi hotspots so students could access their classes at home.

Previously named Partners of the Year are The Greenville Drive and Michelin North America.

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