Volunteer Spotlight: Danielle Jeanty-Morton

Our National Volunteer Month spotlight series continues with Danielle Jeanty-Morton, a member of our AmeriCorps Upstate team who currently serves as a resource navigator and financial educator through Goodwill.

Learn more about what brought Danielle to AmeriCorps and what drives her to serve our community:

What can you tell us about the AmeriCorps program and your role in our community?

AmeriCorps is a worthwhile program for anyone in any stage of life who wants to make a positive contribution to the way that other people live. My role as a resource navigator and financial educator puts me in the position to share information with people who have a desire to improve themselves or their lives, and I respect that! I get to interact with those in a position to contribute, as well as those in need. I’m like a mediator without the conflict.

What inspired you to join AmeriCorps?

It’s the perfect role for the gifts I was blessed with.

What does service mean to you?

My pretty answer: Service means taking care of others. My real answer: service means allowing yourself to be used for the benefit of others. The AmeriCorps difference is that you are proud to do so!

What are your plans when your service year ends?

Find a job, career, path (preferably in community service or with a non-profit) that reminds me of this time in service.

What would you tell someone interested in joining a program like AmeriCorps?

Do it for the right reasons. Challenge yourself. Reject status quo. Embrace passion. Ask for help. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Feeling inspired? Click here to learn more about AmeriCorps Upstate program or click here to browse upcoming volunteer opportunities that fit your interests and schedule.

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