Volunteer Spotlight: Tina Sabia

If you’ve volunteered with us or attended a United Way event over the last decade, chances are you’ve met Tina Sabia. Tina has been volunteering with us since 2012, serving as a greeter through our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, at countless United Way events and through dozens of other service opportunities.

Learn more about one of United Way’s most active and passionate volunteers:

How long have you been volunteering with United Way?

I moved from New York to Greenville in 2011. At that time I started volunteering at food pantries that I was introduced to by members of the church I had joined. My first United Way opportunity was Hands On Greenville Day in 2012. From there I signed up on the United Way Hands on Greenville website to find other opportunities.

What sparked your passion for service?

I have had three jobs in my lifetime and each of them was service to the public. I guess my passion is to help people.

How has volunteerism impacted the way you think about our community?

I was very surprised when I got on the United Way website and saw the number of opportunities there were in Greenville to volunteer. I have met many people through volunteering. I’m proud to be a part of a community that is so willing to help others.

What can you tell us about your experience working with our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program?

The VITA program is one of my favorite opportunities. As a greeter I make it my responsibility to be sure all of the paperwork is there and the forms are filled out properly by the tax payers. It helps not only them but also the preparers. 

Do you have a favorite memory from your years of volunteerism?

I think one my favorite memories is being involved in School Tools. I can remember as a child how happy I was when I had the opportunity to buy new notebooks, loose-leaf binders, pencils and pens. So to see the children get a backpack full of all brand new school items brings a smile to my face. 

Any words of encouragement to someone interested in serving?

I would encourage anyone to volunteer. It can be a very rewarding and a feel-good experience. Whether it’s a few hours a week or a specific opportunity like HOG Day, School Tools or City events like Fall for Greenville. 

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